Soldiers in “Green” Wind, Solar, Hydro and other alternative energy sources; a Soldier in "Green" makes sense.
Soldiers in “Green”
Soldiers in Airlines Pilots to flight attendants, mechanics and maintenance; a Soldier knows how to get from point A. to point B.
Soldiers in Airlines
Soldiers in Engineering Bridges, Buildings and Structures, soldiers have been trained to build things right.
Soldiers in Engineering
Soldiers in I.T. Data Analysis, Communication and Server Administration - Soldiers are up to date when it comes to I.T.
Soldiers in I.T.
Soldiers in Banking Banks, Insurance and the Financial Service Industry like people who can follow policies & procedures.
Soldiers in Banking
Soldiers in Medicine The military has always produced the best Physicians, Nurses, EMT's and other medical providers.
Soldiers in Medicine
Soldiers in Security For the Security industry, Soldiers come pre-trained to protect people, property and other assets.
Soldiers in Security
Soldiers in Manufacturing Some manufacturers make things that require security clearance...
Soldiers in Manufacturing
Soldiers in Logistics Whether it is moving supplies, parts, people or equipment; Soldiers know logistics.
Soldiers in Logistics